THE DAVID MCNALLY REPORT        Volume 13, Issue 6.


It's Time to Create a Thriving Organization

Every morning each of us is faced with a choice – is my life about surviving or thriving? To survive literally means to not die, to continue to exist. There are many today who know that just surviving takes extraordinary courage. But their drive to survive, they will tell you, is powered by their desire to thrive. To thrive means to flourish, to grow and prosper. What we choose determines what we do.

If we face a crisis of leadership today, is it possible that we have too many executives and managers with a “surviving’ mentality? A quick examination of the culture that exists in your own organization might provide some insights.

Are people blaming the past or planning the future?
Are they finding fault or finding solutions?
Are they pointing the finger or being accountable?
Are they just getting through or are they breaking through?

The culture of organizations – the attitudes and behaviors considered as the norm – cannot be separated from the internal cultures of the people who lead them. An inspiring mission, a compelling vision, and values that define a clear moral code, exist first in the hearts and minds of leaders. This “thriving” mentality is then transmuted to and felt by all those throughout the organization. It manifests as exceptional levels of employee engagement, contribution, creativity and commitment.

Conversely, being cautious versus being creative, thinking narrowly versus expansively, meeting standards rather than setting the standards, and staying with what is tried and true versus risking what is true yet untried, are all cultural conditions and norms created by leaders who have settled for surviving. In other words, they are playing safe rather than playing to win.

It was George Elliott who said: “It is never too late to be who you might have been.” So how do we move from surviving to thriving?

First and foremost, it is not possible to have a thriving organization unless those who work for it are thriving. Thriving organizations are built by thrivers not survivors. This brings us back to the leaders – are they modeling the attitudes and behaviors that create a culture of thriving?

Thriving leaders anticipate change rather than resist change
Thriving leaders make commitments not excuses
Thriving leaders blaze a trail versus just putting out fires
Thriving leaders are focused on the dream versus being obsessed with the obstacles

As a result, they inspire and motivate others to thrive and that means: the future is no longer uncertain – it is unlimited!

David McNally has written the definitive book on what distinguishes both individuals and organizations who Thrive versus just survive. Based on a study of over 600 people and organizations, The Eagle’s Secret clearly delineates and summarizes the attitudes and behaviors necessary for Thriving as a person and provides succinct guidelines for leaders committed to creating a Thriving organization. In today’s uncertain economy this is practical inspiration at its best.

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