THE DAVID MCNALLY REPORT        Volume 13, Issue 7.


Standing Out from the Crowd

Success - both professionally and personally – requires that we distinguish and differentiate ourselves from others. This is not about ego and superiority, but ensuring others are clear about the value we bring – our unique contribution - to what we do and to our relationships.

When someone “stands out” to us in a uniquely positive way, what happened, what transpired over time that earned him or her respect and admiration? And, why has the relationship with that person become so important to us?

In Be Your Own Brand, my co-author and I outline three characteristics common to those who conjure up clear and powerful images in the minds of others. In other words, they have strong "personal brands."

Distinctive – Strong brands stand for something – they have a point of view. Your brand becomes strong when you decide what you believe in – your values - and commit to acting on those beliefs. The result – character and integrity.
Relevant – Strong brands focus on and connect to what others see as important. You create positive feelings in others when they determine that you care about them – that what’s important to them is important to you. The result – you become the “go to” person, the brand of choice.
Consistent – Strong brands repeatedly exhibit behaviors that build trust and credibility. As people cannot see inside of us they make judgments based on our actions not our intentions. The result – your reputation attracts other powerful relationships into your life.

The myth of building a strong personal brand is that you have to pretend to be something other than yourself. Nothing could be further from the truth. The way to make an indelible, positive impression on someone is to ensure that who you are, what you say you are, and what that person experiences from you are the same - time and time again.

“Brand building is typically identified with businesses, but personal and professional relationships can also be strengthened by these practical and proven techniques. Strong personal brands are the result of contributing substantial, real value to others. Just as the greatest business brands are respected for their authenticity, your personal brand can only succeed when others experience the values, vision and purpose that drive you.”

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