THE DAVID MCNALLY REPORT        Volume 13, Issue 8.



As I write this report, deep snow has accumulated around my house and the golf course on which I live has become a series of trails for cross country skiers. Lights twinkle on my neighbors’ trees providing evidence - ‘tis the season to be joyful and jolly.’ This beautiful scene always inspires me.

Whether or not we celebrate Christmas, there is little doubt that “joy” is an experience most human beings would like to have more often. Sometimes joy is spontaneous, however we have the power to create more joy through how we approach our lives every day. Using the letters J.O.Y. as an acronym, here is a formula for making that happen.

The J in joy stands for Judge – Judge not appearances. The journey of life is never a series of straight lines or steady breezes that propel us calmly to our destination. Detours and storms confront us all. The more we are able to accept the ‘surprises’ of life and not judge them as good or bad, the more we are able to sustain a sense of inner peace. Whilst any adversity or setback may be unwanted, each contains a seed that strengthens our spirit and sense of who we are. Before long we will look back and see how all events and circumstances play a vital role in our growth as human beings.

The O in joy stands for Open – Open yourself to new experiences. Too many people live in the world of: “One day I’m gonna!” What’s on your list of the things you’re ‘gonna’ do one day? Now ask yourself - what am I waiting for? I am convinced that at the end of our lives we shall determine success not by what we have accumulated or even accomplished but by the richness of our experiences. So take out that list, choose one or two of those dreams or desires and resolutely, step by step, move forward until each has been become a wonderful experience.

The Y in joy stands for Yield – Yield not to temptation. Every day we are faced with choices: to live in fear or faith, to blame or to build up, to criticize or to encourage, to procrastinate or to persist, to be haughty or to be humble, to harm or to heal, to give up or to give new energy to those ideals and dreams about which we feel so passionate. Let us therefore not ‘yield to the temptation’ of being ordinary when we can ignite the extraordinary that shines within us.

Wishing You a Wonderful Holiday Season and a JOY filled New Year!

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