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David McNally's amazing NEW BOOK!

Realize the enormous potential that exists within you, discover the special purpose for your existence, learn that you were born to soar. In this highly acclaimed new book, best-selling author and speaker, David McNally inspires people to take charge of their one precious life, spread their wings, and make their own unique mark on the world.

"Listening to this audiobook was like participating in a workshop on living your best life. As the CEO of a company with six hundred employees, it is important for me to be clear on my purpose and what I want to contribute.
Mark Of An Eagle brings focus to what matters."

Chris Gulbrandson CEO Apple Autos

"David McNally truly stands out
among the many speakers I’ve

experienced in my 30+ years

in business. He has a remarkable
ability to weave humor around
key business issues to effectively
inspire and educate the audience.” 

Executive Vice President, Delta Air Lines

Let David Inspire Your Team

As a world renowned speaker, David McNally brings his vision for a purpose-filled life – LIVE in person. Offering wisdom and encouragement, your team will explore how they can leave their unique mark and legacy on their professional and personal lives.

David is available to speak at corporate meetings, workshops, events and retreats.


Building His Legacy

In his distinguished career, David McNally has inspired millions of people from the stage, on film and in his best-selling books. He is a member of the Speakers Hall of Fame. Organizations such as Abbott, Allied Executives, Delta Air Lines, the Walt Disney Imagineers, Pulte Homes and the Assistance League are among the many who attest to David’s remarkable ability to inspire the commitment to live a purposeful and productive life.

Eagle Trilogy

“David McNally’s inspirational,

proactive to business and life

strategies permeates each

chapter of The Eagle’s Secret.
McNally is a master communicator.”



Director, National Advertising,
The Washington Post


David's books are a goldmine of incredible ideas, guidelines and wisdom for anyone who is searching to live a successful and meaningful life.

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